Tips To Remember Things


What is the biggest issue with memory tricks?

Remembering to utilize them, of course.

There are various memory techniques that are very effective, however you’ll forget them when you desperately need them most – except if you make using them a routine.

So when you’re taking the time to learn a method, use it until it can be automatic.

Here are a few simple tips to remember things that you can experiment with.

By means of Story-List

I went to a party as a kid. There was a game that implicated focusing on a table covered in fifteen diverse items. After a couple of minutes, we had been taken to another room, and every child was handed paper and also a pencil. We had to jot down as many items as we could possibly remember. I recalled seven or eight, however there was one boy won the reward by recalling all 15 items.

Many years later I discovered why he won. His father taught him an easy trick that none of us other kids knew about. The key is to bind the items altogether in an imaginative story. For instance, what if you intend to remember a list of these things: Soap, milk, fork, honey, and flowers.

Begin a vivid story in your visualization, adding each item to it along the way: At the sink, you grab the SOAP. The soap dish is filled with MILK, so you wash both hands in that. After this you comb HONEY into your hair using a FORK, and at last grasp a bouquet of FLOWERS and smile at the mirror. Say each single item while in your mind reviewing your “movie”, and you will remember all 5 things, even the next day.

A few other Memory Tricks to Remember More

Tell yourself to remember. Anytime you learn a person’s name, for instance, tell yourself, “Remember that”. This alerts your subconscious mind to rate this input as more important.

Know the reason(s) WHY you desire to remember something, and HOW you will remember it. To remember a person, for instance, ask why they will be important to you in the future, visualize where you will see them next, and connect that to whatever it is that you notice about them. Seeing the need for remembering really helps, and further associations (where you might count on seeing the person next) set the memory more solidly in your brain.

Have you ever forgotten where you placed your car keys? You have probably tried retracing your steps, at the very least doing it in your imagination. This can work efficiently, but even better is to avoid the forgetting in advance. Upon setting the keys on the chair, imagine yourself walking in and setting the keys on the chair. You will not forget where they might be.

There are a lot more of these memory tips. If you want them to be of use, though, do not just read about them. Make a memory technique or 2 into a routine, starting today.

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