How to Be & Stay Positive – Part 3


How to be positive and stay positive

Evaluate your desires.

We live and work in a place of duality and opposites, loss and gain, pain and pleasure, male and female, light and dark, love and hate. That is the way the cycle of life is going. We will never happen to have all the good things in life simultaneously. In love, there will always be a person who will get hurt. In prosperity, there will always be those people who are not going to be fortunate enough. Measure and moderation is the principal key. Align your priorities and continuously Aim for things worth being. Verses aiming for things worth having. Be a producer and Not just a consumer. Be Positive.

Be practical.

Make certain that what you dream about is something that is possible. Looking forward to see something happening that would in no way really materialize in the real world is only going to bring you frustration. As an example, you really want to shed some pounds. As a result, it’s a must to set an objective and take action on appropriate measures within a period of time in order to get what you desire. Without doubt, No one is able to become slimmer in a single day. But if you put together a specific plan, you can determine where your going by which direction your heading in.

Keep a record of your physical and mental wellbeing.

By doing this, you will understand just how far you can keep believing.
Know yourself. There is virtually no other individual on this planet who is able to tell who you truly are. Know your interests, favorites, and standards. Spend some quality time exclusively by yourself – reading, enjoying gentle tunes, day dreaming, and so forth. Only if you know yourself wholly, you are going to be aware of just how far you can go mentally, physically and emotionally.

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