Stay Positive – Part 1 & 2

Stay Positive

Being positive entails thinking positively, which is certainly not a simple task.

Each day we’re flooded with all kind of stuff that causes us to get angry, to worry, to be sad, to express fear etc. And you could be asking: “How on earth will I be able to stay positive in the middle of so many adversities?”

What you need to understand is that the same way worry, anxiety, fear (just to name a few) result in illnesses, the same way also being joyful, happy, & peaceful produce a “healthy life foundation”, and being positive is among the key pillars which support that foundation.

So how can one train oneself to be positive and stay positive?

Begin your day with cheers and smiles

Your entire day is based on the way you welcome the morning. Therefore, given that you welcome it with energy and high spirits, everything will be alright. You don’t want the rest of the day to be ruined, do you? Seriously, smile! It doesn’t cost anything but may be worth everything.

As soon as you wake up , think about at least 3 things to be grateful for.

One practice that is great for getting you in the mood of gratitude. Is the Chinese Inner Smile.

  • Sit relaxed with your back upright and your arms relaxed
  • Imagine something that makes you happy
  • Allow yourself to smile on the inside (this practice is good because you can do it on the bus or commute or anytime you need a quick pick me up) no one else has to know what you’re doing
  • Let the smile radiate out of your eyes and travel back into your soul and all over your body, before focusing on the area right below your navel (which is referred to as Dan Tien or Tan Tien the Energy Center).
  • As the smile illuminates you, notice whats going on in your body, embrace that feeling
  • Once you have that No one can take it from you, and for if some reason it goes away, you know how to bring it back

Make a plan for the day ahead

  In order to avoid mistakes which can cause negative output in your routines that could later on become unfavorable thoughts, it is best to plan your work first; and after that, work your plan. Ensure today’s objectives are clearly defined and absorbed by your mind. This can be achieved even before you get out off the bed every day, just so immediate dealing with issues once they arise might be avoided. This is imperative to stay positive when the days are cloudy.

Keep your mind concentrated on essential things. 

 Set goals and priorities for what you think and what you do. Envision practicing your actions. Create a strategy for coping with problems. Focus on matters that ought to be given serious attention, but while doing so, spend some time to relax and enjoy. By doing this, favorable results may become more prevalent.

Be detached off of the outcomes.

  They claim that life is similar to a Ferris Wheel; sometimes, you’re on the topside, and sometimes in the bottom. This means that situations might arise in our lives in which some things wouldn’t turn out in accordance with what we would like them to be. Do not be irritated if you don’t acquire the thing you desire. Nevertheless, try your best in all the things you do. Only, don’t get too attached to the probable results that could possibly only cause disappointments and upsets.

Have a try at new things and challenges. 

  Perceive learning and changes as opportunities to stay positive. There is no problem in changing attitudes and routines if and when they are for the good and development of who you are and what you do. Doing new things could include considering further options for a task, meeting new people from different locations, asking plenty of questions. While doing this, the flow of thinking is resulted in improvement and negative thoughts are going to be easily wiped away.

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