Beans And Barley: For Weight Loss..

barley beans


 Are amongst the best sources of plant protein.

Beans, peas and chickpeas are together known as legumes.

Most typical beans contain 215 calories per cooked cup (and lima beans go up to 260 calories).

They have the most protein with the smallest amount of fat of any food, and they are high in potassium yet low in sodium.

All those facts combined make it possible to lose weight with them.

Plant protein is incomplete, meaning that you should add something for it to be complete. Combine beans together with a whole grain – rice, wheat, barley, corn – to supply the amino acids essential to form a complete protein. Then you obtain the same top-quality protein just like in meat with only a fraction of the fat.

Scientific tests at the University of Kentucky as well as in the Netherlands demonstrate that eating them on a regular basis can lower cholesterol levels.

The most typical complaint about beans is the fact that they cause gas. Here is how to contain that issue, as stated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): Prior to cooking, rinse the beans and take away foreign particles, put in a kettle then cover with boiling water, soak for 4 hours or for a longer time, remove any that float to the top, next cook them in fresh water.


This filling grain compares favorably to potatoes and rice. It contains 170 calories per cooked cup, reasonable amounts of protein and fiber and pretty low fat. Roman gladiators consumed this grain on a regular basis for strength and actually complained whenever they had to eat meat.

Research studies at the University of Wisconsin illustrate that barley effectively brings down cholesterol by up to 15 % and it has powerful anti-cancer agents. Israeli scientists report that it cures constipation much better than laxatives – and that can boost weight loss, too.

Use it as a replacement for rice in salads, stuffing or pilaf, or add to soups and stews. You may as well mix it with rice to have an interesting texture. Ground into flour, it creates excellent breads and muffins.

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