The Fat Burning Process Inherited From The Past

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The Fat Burning Process

At the time human beings used to live in caves, they did not know anything at all regarding preserving and storing food. They would wake up and have to spend time and energy hunting and accumulating food. Once they caught it, they ate it. Rather than stocking food in pantries or cupboards, they stored energy in their bodies in the form of fat to burn off during times when there was pretty much nothing to eat.

Every year, it had been important and vital for them to put on a great layer of fat during the warm spring and summer seasons. That was the only way they were able to guarantee their survival through the lean and mean cold months of winter.

And also, since women bore children, they needed more energy to support themselves and their infants, and that meant they were generally heavier. Thats why women have it worst then men. Your bodies are designed to store fat.

Despite the fact that we no longer live in caverns, we have inherited and conserved this fundamental mechanism intended for fat storage from our hunting and gathering forefathers. The only problem now is, we no longer have to hunt for food. We barely move but want to eat. Why not breakfast in bed?

Each one of us has been born with a certain quantity of fat cells. What number of these fat cells you have will depend on genetics. In case you have a great number of fat cells, perhaps your ancestors had been the biggest people in the indigenous group. Which was a good thing, due to the fact they had the best probabilities of survival back then. But again in this day and age, that might not be beneficial. as a matter of fact , its looked at as a curse. Growing up people like that were called  big boned. 

You can never get rid of fat cells, yet – sadly – you can add to them. Based on what you eat, your body will produce new fat cells. And similar to those you were born with, they never go away. 

That doesn’t indicate you’re condemned to be fat as soon as you put on extra pounds. It’s possible to shrink fat cells. That’s what occurs whenever you lose weight. You burn up the fat kept in those big fat cells. Visualize them as balloons. The fat burning inside them has the same effect as letting the air out of a balloon.

So how do you initiate fat burning? The best way is to focus on your metabolism. By speeding up your metabolism. Your body will burn more , when you rest verses when doing activities. Another key to fat burning is , lifting weights. Which also speeds up your metabolism. Another thing you can do is look for every opportunity to move more. As we get older our metabolisms slow down. Knowing this why wouldn’t you use every opportunity available to keep it burning as much as we can. especially if you know you put on weight fast. Focus on speeding up your metabolism and keeping it going and then you can be less strict on the foods we eat.

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