How To Develop Public Speaking Confidence

public speaking confidence

Fear could be considered as negative, causing ineffective communication, and declining your public speaking confidence.

This is actually the tendency when you anticipate bad situations.

Fear can easily be seen through physical manifestations. Like rumbling speech, hands cold and clammy, slouching and undesired movements.

Fear in public speaking originates from the “fear of the unknown.”

Many people are afraid of not being liked or of offending somebody. Or failing to remember everything, of stumbling and falling or messing up the effort.

However fear may be seen in a constructive aspect as well. As outlined by Kenneth McFarland, “it’s not necessary to banish fear so that you can gain confidence. A wholesome fear of failure is among the best guarantees of success.”

Fear may be a encouraging force for the presenter. It adds energy, strength and conviction to potentially lifeless ideas. Your courage relates to the ability to see fear from a realistic viewpoint. The right way to control your fear is to prepare thoroughly. However fear cannot be eradicated fully. It’s meant to be dominated.

In just about any public speaking practice, stage fright and anxiety are obstacles to building public speaking confidence. Stage fright is an emotional state which affects people the moment they stand up before an audience. Having positive thoughts help greatly in combating stage fright. Imagining that you are going to be successful, that you are effective as a public speaker and that your audience will believe in you and gain admiration for you are sure winners to overcome fear. In addition, knowing that no-one is perfect and everyone is susceptible to mistakes are effective thoughts to relax you. Even better, imagine that the crowd is your friend.

Should you need to learn more regarding how to boost your public speaking confidence.

Below are a few practical tips:

1. Talk about your personal experience to commence your talk. The reason? Because nobody knows better than you do.

2. The most efficient way out, in case fear attacks you, is to do it. Overcome your fear. Don’t hesitate simply because you think that someone can perform better than you do.

3. Admit that you know. Have confidence to share about it.

4. As a presenter, make sure you assume the delivery man task and that you carry a valuable message that you must get across.

5. It’s a big “NO” to apologize in public speaking. Do not make an apology for your material and even your lack of skill.

6. Be yourself and be confident. Do not mirror government officials in how they speak. Speak in your very own “official capacity”.

7. Get prepared for the occasion by dressing up appropriately then forget how you look.

Confidence is a key factor in becoming successful. But don’t forget that you need to be on guard against over-confidence.

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