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People often think an attitude of gratitude will come from having some great fortune or luck.

Obviously it may well feel great to have great friends, money, houses, cars – all of these are good things, but not sufficient by themselves.

The best state of mind is required to totally enjoy life. You will need the attitude of gratitude.

Life is better when you feel blessed, when you are able to look around and say “Thank you, God!”.

Regardless if you are religious, when you see life as a magnificent gift, your experience is a wealthier one.

Envision going through life like you are a kid, and every morning is an adventure.

Obviously, it’s easy to believe that gratitude comes about by having what we desire. We might envision ourselves giving thanks if we had a nice income, a caring family, and perhaps a home on the beach.

However we know there are unappreciative, unhappy people with these things. In addition we recognize that there are poor people filled with thankfulness for what little they’ve got, so where does this feeling originate from?

An attitude of gratitude comes from the way you look at things. It’s the natural feeling which comes when you figure out the real value of the people and things in your life. Concentrate on the good and you can’t help but have a much better attitude and experience of life.

Gratefulness, then, is something you can promote, something you can be taught.


Step one is to stop and smell the roses.

How will you appreciate something you don’t notice or enjoy?

In passing, roses truly do smell great.

The next step is to make this appreciative approach to roses and life a routine. You do not need to pay attention, to the ugliness in the world. Just deliberately opt to see the good and beautiful things, until the process becomes regular.

One technique to encourage this practice is to start jotting down every great thing that happens to you, and all sorts of things you like. Go on with this until you start seeing repeatedly the good things in life. If you have ever purchased a white car, and started discovering white cars everywhere around, you understand how awareness and focus can shift your perception of reality. In the same manner, as soon as you’re aware of the good, and begin searching for it, you’ll begin to see magnificent things all over.

Basic exercises such as the one above train your mind as time passes. When you find yourself in the practice of “counting your blessings,” gratitude, and a much richer experience of life is the natural effect.

You’ll surely have an attitude of gratitude.

The Key to Living Everyday with Joy

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