Cayenne Pepper On Stomach Ulcers


The very last thing you would possibly consider using is hot Pepper in the event that you have problems with a peptic ulcer. This goes against all you have heard about what exacerbates an ulcer, the truth is that many “hot” meals just do the reverse.


Pain which functions as a local anaesthetic to ulcerated tissues in the gut and which may also help control hemorrhage in the gut can be reduced by capsicum.

A lot of people could possibly be disturbed by ingesting “Red-Pepper” or spicy meals, these foods don’t trigger the synthesis of gastric ulcers in ordinary folks. A fascinating note is the fact that Red Pepper is generally avoided by individuals experiencing ulcers, in reality these individuals could possibly gain from its healing action.

Taking Capsicum might dramatically decrease the chance of ever-developing a peptic ulcer. A Chinese research published in 1995 said, “Our information supports the theory that the chile used has a protecting effect against peptic ulcer disease.”

Yet another 1995 research discovered that Capsicum may also prevent the stomach lining from aspirin induced ulcers. Aspirin may cause stomach ulceration in a few individuals or when taken with inadequate water or liquid. Scientists have concluded after trying out with human volunteers that the capsaicin content of capsicum contains a definite gastro – a protective influence on the mucous membranes that are in the stomach. 

Eighteen volunteers which are healthy, with normal intestinal mucosa consumed chile and water accompanied by 600 mg water and aspirin. The research was conducted over an interval of a month. Endoscopy outcomes revealed that using 20 grams of chile prior to the acetylsalicylic acid unquestionably shown a protective action on the lining of the stomach.  

Capsicum has the aptitude to reconstruct stomach tissue. Capsicum has the capacity to provide blood to areas of tissue at a more rapid speed, and  boost the consummation of meals which are had with it.  A Few medical studies support this fact. It’s been believed that Capsicum supports the discharge of substances that increase secretions in the stomach and the intestines plus may also increase a good amount of blood to the intestines and the stomach.

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