Burn Fat with Soups and Tofu

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Soup are good for your health! Perhaps not the tinned selections in the store – but old style, home made soup encourages fat loss. A research by Dr. John Foreyt from the Baylor College of Medicine located in Houston, Texas, revealed that dieting people who had a bowl of soup prior to dinner and lunch dropped more weight as compared to dieters who did not. Actually, the greater amount of soup they ate, the more pounds they shed. And people who like to eat soup are likely to maintain the weight off for a longer time.

Naturally, the kind of soup you take in is important. Cream soups or those produced from pork or beef aren’t your best choices. Nonetheless here is an ideal recipe:

Cut 3 big onions, 3 carrots, 4 stalks of celery, 1 zucchini and 1 yellow squash. Put in a kettle. Add 3 cans of smashed tomatoes, 2 packets of low-sodium chicken bouillon, 3 cans of water and 1 cup of white wine (non-obligatory). Put in tarragon, thyme, basil, oregano as well as garlic powder. Boil, after that simmer for about an hour. Serves six.


You simply cannot speak enough about this particular healthy food from Asia. Also termed as soybean curd, it is essentially without taste, so whichever flavoring or spice you add mixes with it effectively. A 2½-inch square contains 86 calories and 9 grams of proteins. (Specialists propose a consumption of around 40 grams daily) Tofu contains iron and calcium, a small amount of sodium without a bit of saturated fat. It causes your metabolism to operate on high and it even brings down cholesterol. With diverse varieties on the market, the firmer tofus are great for stir-frying or adding to sauces and soups and the softer types are perfect for chopping, mashing and adding to salads. You can also add soy flour to your baked goods.

Men: I would say use in moderation, excessive levels have been known to raise Estrogen levels or Mimic the so to speak in the male body.

But for the Ladies: Soy’s phytoestrogens are said to cool off hot flashes, and helps to block certain hormone related cancers. It’s also thought to help lower blood pressure and help protect from the dangers of bone loss.

Try to get Unprocessed Organic Soy..

When buying Soy Sauce look for brands that have been naturally brewed.

Stay Forever Healthy..& if you have any Soup or Delicious Tofu Recipes Pleases Share

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