Burn Fat with Apples

burn fat

Burn Fat with Apples

Are you looking forward to look good and feel healthier by losing some extra pounds? Then there is good news: there are many foods that you can eat that will actually help burn fat. In this article we’ll consider one of them: “Apples”.

Almost everyone is aware of the popular saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” which seems to have produced wonders, and yet only a small number of people actually knows that apple can be a great fruit to burn fat as well.

A Study from the State University of Rio de Janeiro found that by eating 3 small apples a day as a part of a  reduced-calorie diet, helped woman not only lose weight ,but also lowered blood pressure in comparison to woman who substituted the apple for another fruit.

High blood glucose is not good for your health, however apples have this great ability to raise the level in a very safe way in comparison with many other foods, and as a result, that will make you feel satisfied for a longer period of time.

Apples are also very rich in fiber. They contain a particular type of fiber called “soluble fiber” that will keep you from being hungry. This soluble fiber known as PECTIN also improves the efficiency of our digestive system, by removing toxic metals, like mercury and lead from the body.They are able to accomplish this by preventing drops in your blood sugar level. An apple of a regular size will provide you with only 80 calories. And it’s also totally free of potentially-dangerous elements like cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat.

As a final point, apples are also well-known for their ability to decrease the level of cholesterol as well as the blood pressure. So next time you are passing by the fruits section while shopping. Don’t hesitate to drop a few of those nature’s wonders in your cart!

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