Fight Insomnia: 9 Solutions You Can Use Now

fight insomnia


Insomnia could be a pain to your everyday life and getting a good night’s sleep can be quite difficult.

Listed below are 9 methods you could use today to fight insomnia and have a great sleep steadily.

1. Drink warm milk – Drinking warm milk a quarter-hour before going to bed is known to appease your nervous system.

2. Have a warm bath – Taking a warm bath could be a fantastic way to relax your whole body. Do not exhaust it though. Being too long in hot water can drain the body of vitality. Throw in one cup of baking soda or bath salts to drive the toxins from your body. A perfect cocktail to fight insomnia.

3. Have a bed-time snack – Foods with big quantities of the amino acid L-tryptophan helps us to sleep better, based on a research. This can include eggs, cottage cheese, turkey, chicken, cashews and warm milk as mentioned before.

4. Keep away from alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco in general – Many people believe coffee is the only drink containing caffeine. Incorrect! Non-herbal tea like black tea, Cola drinks and even chocolate contain high amounts of caffeine. Studies have proven that alcohol upsets sleep. This is actually the same with Tobacco.

5. Sleep face up – Many people sleep the other way. Lying on your stomach creates pressure on all of your internal organs. This could as well cause a stiff neck. Try to sleep on your back. It’s the very best sleeping position to allow your internal organs to rest correctly. In case you are accustomed to sleeping on your side though, sleep on your right side but not on your left.

6. Sleep in a good ventilated room – A room temp ranging from 60 to 65 degrees in Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sleeping. Use extra or less blankets to adjust your body with the room temperature.

7. Drink some herb tea – Should you have to steer clear of drinking warm milk or other dairy products, consider a cup of herb tea like camomile, anise, catnip or fennel tea. This will help you have a better sleep.

8. Do some exercise during the day – White collar workers like office workers or non-manual workers are more considered to have sleeplessness than blue-collar workers, who do physical exercise during their job. 15 min of exercise at least half-hour before you go to bed will give your system work and oxygen it requires to get your body to calm and sleep better.

9. Keep away from naps – Pass-up naps if you take them. If you cannot get yourself to sleep during the night, naps will stop you from sleeping effectively. By cutting out naps your body will be tired enough to fall asleep during the night.

Now there you have it, 9 approaches to fight insomnia. Have a great night’s sleep!

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