20 Minute Home Workout Program

Home workout

In case you are busy, unable get up in the morning and have little time for a fitness center just try this 20 minute home workout to remain healthy and fit.

The Home Workout

1 – Jog: for 3 minutes in one place

2 –Hip Bridges : repeat 10 times

Lie down face up. With your hands with a 90 degree angle towards the floor, raise your body off the floor to create a straight line, a kind of a bridge, from your shoulders to your knee. The position should look like a table… your hands and legs like the legs of the table plus your upper body to your knees like the surface. Keep this position for 2 seconds. Squeeze your gluteus (butt muscles) and after that lower yourself.
Muscle worked through this exercise: Lower back, gluteus and hamstrings. 

3 – Push-ups : repeats 15 timesMuscle worked through this exercise: triceps, pectorals, deltoids.

4 -Jumping jacks: repeat 25 times
At the time of landing, soften your knees a little to moderate the impact on knee joints.

5 – Step – up’s : Just 1 minute
Find something sturdy enough to support your body weight. 12 -36 inches. A box, Chair, bench or steps.
Muscle worked through this exercise: hamstrings, gluteus.

6 – Plank : 30 seconds to 1 minute

7 – Squat thrusts: Just 1 minute
Stand up straight. At this point, go down to a crouch position. Promptly thrust your legs out right behind on your toes, just like in a push-up position, now jump to pull your legs directly back to the chest, in crouching position , next rise up straight,
Muscle worked through this exercise: arms, chest, legs and lower back.

8 – Reverse crunches: repeat 15 times
Lie down face up along with your hands on your sides. Ensure your knees are bent. Bring your knees in direction of your head, until your hips come a little off the floor. Keep this position for only a second, then lower your knees.
Muscle worked through this exercise: lower abs and obliques.

9 – Mountain climbers : Just 1 minute
Get your hands and knees and lift your knees just like a starting block sprinter. Sprint in that position, sustaining your upper area of the body with the palms of your hands. Ensure your back is straight.
Muscle worked through this exercise: triceps, deltoid muscle, calves, hamstrings, gluteus.

10 – Crunches : repeat 15 times
Lie down flat face up making sure your knees are bent. Put your hands behind your head with your elbows directed outwards. Hold up your neck using your hands. Keep the neck in a straight line together with your spine. Contract your waist to elevate the upper chest off of the mat. Lower yourself till the back of your shoulders reaches the mat.
Muscle worked through this exercise: rectus abdominis

Relax by walking around, until your heart-beat begins returning to normal, stretch out.

One minute rest is necessary between each exercise. Proper form is essential. Don’t your hold breath. Have water throughout the training session. This fitness session targets your entire body, enhances cardiovascular efficiency and tones and fortifies the body. If You have a version of your own home workout, Please Share!

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